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Glencairn House Clinic

2024 Price List


All of our practitioners are fully qualified and registered with their relevant professional body.

If you would like to book an appointment please contact us via telephone or emailAll fees are exempt from VAT.

To book an appointment or for further information please call 01935 817442 or email info@glencairnhouse.co.uk


Cancellation Policy

We fully understand that on occasion it is necessary to change or cancel an appointment. If you cannot attend please give us as much notice as feasible so that we can allocate your slot to someone else that would benefit from the session. You can contact the clinic to reschedule your appointment at any stage.


Non-Attendance Fees

Due to a high volume of patients waiting for appointments we have a fee structure in place for non-attended appointments. This fee is up to the individual practitioner.  We understand that last minute situations can occur, but some form of communication would be very much appreciated.

Our Reception phone line is open from 8.45am – 5:00pm.  If the phone line is busy due to the high volume of patients being seen at the clinic, please do email us or try again.

If you are calling out of hours a message service is available, alternatively, please send us an email.



Selected Major Private Medical Insurance companies accepted. Please check which ones we work with prior to booking.  Insurance details wil be required on the first appointment.


Initial - £70

Follow up - £55

Please allow 90 - 120 minutes for your initial consultation and treatment. Follow up treatments last about 45 - 60 minutes.


Initial assessment & treatment - £40

Subsequent treatment - £35

Please allow 30 minutes for your treatment.

Dermatology with Dr Varghese

Initial consultation - £200

Subsequent treatments - £150


Initial consultation - £120

Follow-up - £75



Initial consultation & treatment - £60

Subsequent treatments - £60

Please allow 60 minutes for your appointments


Neuro Rehabilitation

Home Visits

Initial consultation 60 minutes - £70

Subsequent treatments - £70

Clinic Appointments

Initial Consultation - £70

Subsequent Treatments - £60

Musculoskeletal Podiatry

Initial consultation - £155

To include: Patients full history taken, examination using diagnostic ultrasound and an assessment

Follow up - £80

Orthotic package - £290

Ultrasound guided injections - £250

Nail surgery - £350

Call Now to Book

To book an appointment or for further information please call

Glencairn House Clinic 01935 817442

Edwards Farm 01747 855137


Initial consultation - £70

Subsequent treatments - £55

Initial assessment and treatment - Child £50

Subsequent treatments - Child £40

Your initial consultation will last about 60 minutes and will include your first treatment. Follow up treatments last about 30 minutes.


Initial consultation & treatment - £65

Subsequent treatment - £60

Your initial consultation will last about 45 minutes and will include your first treatment. Follow up appointments also last about 45 minutes.

Psychology & Counselling

Consultation (1hr) - £65


Reflexology Feet

Initial consultation - £55

Subsequent treatment - £50

Shockwave Therapy

Initial Consultation - £65

Shockwave package (x3 treatments) - £255

Further treatments if required - £85

Sports and Swedish Massage

1-hour treatment £57

Half hour treatment £37


Orthopaedic Consultant Surgeon

(Mr Chambler)

Please contact the Mr Chambler's medical secretary for information on appointments and fees. Please see the Orthopaedics page for contact details.

Glencairn House Clinic

Glencairn House Clinic, South Street, Sherborne, DT9 3NQ

Telephone: 01935 817442 

Email: info@glencairnhouse.co.uk

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Edwards Farm

Edwards Farm, Foyle Hill, Shaftesbury, SP7 0PT

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