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Continuing Professional Development at Glencairn House.



Practitioners attended a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) evening at the Clinic on Tuesday, kindly hosted by Craig Hardaker.  Craig is well known in the local Community and by patients from his communifit classes.  Craig has worked in the health and fitness industry for over 12 years.  He is qualified as a GP referral consultant, and a sports therapist.  He is also qualified to undertake sessions of chair-based exercises for the frailer, older person.

Communifit offers specialised exercise classes and health advice to all within the local community including:

  • Group classes in community halls
  • 5km run series
  • Sit and strengthen exercise classes to care/residential/nursing homes
  • Personal training
  • Sports massage therapy


To find out more, and to see what classes are on offer please visit info@communifit.co.uk or telephone 07791 308773.