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About Us

Glencairn House a Multidisciplinary Clinic


Glencairn House was established in 1984 as a Physiotherapy and Chiropody practice. An Osteopathic practice followed in 1994, and has since grown with many more disciplines being added. The clinic was expanded and reopened by Sir Anthony Jay in 2009. We are dedicated to helping people to recover from injury to regain a better quality of life through rehabilitation therapy.

All of our practitioners are fully qualifed and registered.


Care and advice for you

Even the smallest of injuries can become a big problem, and lead to more pain through your body compensating posture and movement.

We get to the very cause of the problem through diagnostic techniques and speaking to you about your daily routine. We treat you as a whole, not just treating a symptom. Our friendly and approachable attitude will put you at ease. 

Long term benefits

With advice and treatment you will find you’re able to carry on recovering and improving away from the clinic. We aim to give you all you need to benefit from the treatments long term, not just a quick fix for pain relief.

 Take your time to look through the range of treatments and therapies we offer, and if you want to know more then please call us today.

Circle Bath Satellite Clinic at Glencairn House

 Do you need an expert opinion? Would you like to learn more about your treatment options?

Book an appointment with a consultant surgeon from Circle and get back to the things you love.

 Appointments are available with:

Mr Andrew Chambler, shoulder & elbow specialist and Mr Sam Heaton, Orthopedic Consultant.

Get in touch today by calling:  01761 422288 or emailing: enquiries@circlebath.co.uk

 Visit our Orthopaedics page or www.circlebath.co.uk for more information.

Alex Gibbs

Clinic Director

Margo Liddle

Practice Manager

Amy Verden


Alison McKinnon


Glencairn House Clinic

Glencairn House Clinic, South Street, Sherborne, DT9 3NQ

Telephone: 01935 817442 

Email: info@glencairnhouse.co.uk

Let's Start making you
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Edwards Farm

Edwards Farm, Foyle Hill, Shaftesbury, SP7 0PT

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